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Hairy Pits

When her boyfriend ask her to show off her hairy arm pits to his friend while they were having coffee in the kitchen she just casually reached out and gave him the full dose…

She was never one to be bashful about her hairy pits!

Monica hot teen hairy armpits1

She might have to take a little bit more time washing her hairy pits, but it sure beats trying to fucking shave them!

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Twice As Much Hair

Seeing Suzette naked is like a double treat. Hairy pussy, hairy arm pits. She’s got it all going on – she’s just plain hairy in all of the right places!

That’s a super hairy pussy she’s got!

Suzette hot hairy cunt79

But it’s the arm pits that turn us on the most… A few days shaving will give a girl a hairy pussy. But the arm pits… That takes some effort!

And we love hairy arm pits!

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